About Us

Bridges to Independence was founded in 1999 by Chris Ritchie and Bunny Ambro, who bring a combined 50 years of experience in providing services to people with developmental disabilities. Our agency currently provides quality I/O Waiver, Supported Living, and Level One services to approximately 97 people with developmental disabilities in Crawford, Delaware, Franklin, Marion, and Wyandot counties that range from a couple of hours each week providing assistance with banking, shopping or getting out in the community; to spending a few hours each day assisting with daily living skills or getting ready for work; to 24 hour supports to assist with daily living needs and the opportunity to live independently. We provide transportation to and from appointments, shopping and recreation.

Where are We?

Our Corporate office is located in Delaware and we can be reached via our toll-free number. We have local offices in Marion, which serves people in Crawford, Marion, Morrow, and Wyandot counties, and in Lewis Center, which serves people in Franklin county. We have 7 supervisors, with a combined 46 years of experience, available via Cell Phones 24 hours a day to respond to any situation that may arise. We guarantee that services will be provided, and in emergency situations that staff must call off, a supervisor will be there to provide the services. At no time do we send a stranger to work with someone. Supervisors first get to know each person and how to best support them so that they can train staff to provide services that fit their needs. They freqently stop by to review documentation and talk with people to learn if there needs are being met or if changes to their plan are needed.